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Construire l'avenir de nos enfants est une responsabilité historique chacun!


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With a mixed international educational program, it is recognized today that early educational bilingualism develops intellectual and cognitive capacities by training children in a double thinking system.

Bilingual education is a means of transmitting the international language and culture: the child acquires mastery of the second language without weakening the first.

This teaching also prepares them for the subsequent learning of other languages. Indeed, two languages mastered perfectly at the end of primary school allow a natural transition to a third language or even a fourth. In addition to English, during middle school at 12 or 14, learning a second foreign language which can be chosen from European languages but also from Eastern languages such as Chinese, for example.

Anyone who perfectly masters four languages of wide international circulation will be able to converse all over the world and will have an undeniable advantage in all imaginable professions, from economics to trade, from crafts to industry, from administration to diplomacy going through politics. In addition, evaluations carried out so far in bilingual classes have shown that the natural practice of two different phonetic systems develops children's intellectual faculties (capacity for comparison and differentiation) which explains their level above average, not only in both languages but also and above all in mathematics. So early bilingualism is a trigger that unleashes the magic of excellence.


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